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Technology Consultant - Defence
Ref: J000536
Location: Cambridgeshire
Salary: competitive plus benefits

Our client is a product and systems design company with interests in the communications, defence aerospace and medical sectors.

We are looking for an experienced engineer with an analytical ability, but also a good grasp of real-world engineering. As a Technology Consultant you will provide skills and experience related mainly to low TRL activities, including concept innovation, modelling and analysis of potential solutions and in technology demonstration. The successful candidate will play a key role in our client's technology innovation activities, creating new ideas and concepts that will answer enduring technical challenges that our client's customers face.

Key skills and experience:-
o Created new technical approaches to engineering problems (TRL1-2) and carried them through to concept validation or basic demonstration (TRL3-4), or further.
o Have produced mathematical models of technical concepts, including real-world physical environments, and used them to assess suitability and potential performance of electronic technology, including hardware and software.
o Have worked with at least one of the technology domains listed below.
o Communication systems and signal processing.
o Radar systems and signal processing.
o Electronic surveillance technologies.
o Image processing/analytics.
o Electronic sensing and countermeasures.
o Unmanned systems (sensing, control, autonomy).
o Acoustics and sonar.
o Strong understanding of physics and engineering from first principles, and ability to use this understanding to generate novel approaches to enduring technical challenges.
o Ability to work with unbounded, or loosely bounded, problems.
o Ability to derive mathematical models for complex, real world systems and environments.
o Ability to take technical ownership for particular projects.
o Excellent oral and written skills, able to present complex technical concepts in clear language

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